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 – 1st Place for Best Entertainment Commentary, 57th annual Southern California Journalism Awards


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Philanthropic Conference (Ghostwriter; Contact Eve for access)
Sample Speech 1 (Ghostwriter; Use same password as for above)
Sample Speech 2 (Ghostwriter; Use same password as for above)


Non-profit Commercial (Ghostwriter; Contact Eve for access)


Parody Commercials:

Veridian Dynamics
Kylie Jenner Lips


Original Songs:

Oh, That’s Right… It’s Hanukkah
Green Tea Rap
The Funky Hat Dance (more than 1 million views)



Disney Channel’s WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE, “Justin’s Little Sister”
ABC’s BETTER WITH YOU, “Better With a Leather Jacket”
ABC’s BETTER WITH YOU, “Better With Dancing”
Disney XD’s RANDY CUNNINGHAM: 9TH GRADE NINJA, “Happy Hanukkah, Howard Wienerman!”



Oral History Interviews cited in “Keep the Damned Women Out,” by Nancy Weiss Malkiel, Princeton University Press, 2016.


Corporate Video:
Executive Introduction Video (Ghostwriter; Contact Eve for access)

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