Copywriting Portfolio

Speeches for Major Philanthropic Organization’s Conference

To view 1 hour and 4 minute video, click HERE and use password: Copy

“Business Rockstars”‘ Televised Interview with Sandra Susino

To view the interview with Sandra Susino, COO of Colab.LA  click on the below links:

How To Present Effectively – Part 1, Business Rockstars

How To Present Effectively – Part 1, Business Rockstars


Toasts for Celebratory Occasions

To read toasts, click HERE for the website of my toast-writing business, Say A Few Words.


@EveWeston (personal account)

@iwantinstantfriends (Instant Friends improv comedy troupe’s account)

Eve’s Tweets for 826LA’s Time Travel Mart Twitter Feed



30th Anniversary Campaign for DSD Business Systems


DSD_Sage Summit 2014_Booth Artwork

30 Years And Accounting Booth

Ghostwritten Copy for DSD Business Blog

5 Ways to be More Productive

Power Posing: Trick Your Body Into Success

Five Easy Ways to Write Better

5 Tips for Writing a Better Email

7 Simple Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks

5 Handy Excel Formulas and How To Use Them

Cloud Computing: Not So Nebulous Anymore

5 Simple Stress Reducers

How to be Productive at Work First Thing in the Morning

5 Steps to Delegating Work Effectively

How To Use Excel Pivot Tables in Your Financial Spreadsheet

Copy From TV Scripts

For the cult hit TV series Better Off Ted, I wrote the following copy for a fictional commercial:


“Our Veridian Dynamics family works for every member of your family. Even the dead ones. And we’re working to bring them back and copy them in case you lose them again.”


It was highlighted as an example of “the most amusing parts of the show” in the New York Times HERE and you can watch the clip below:




LA Weekly Headlines: A Selection…

I’ve consulted on headlines for LA Weekly. Below are a few. For context, the articles – written by others – can be found HERE in a digital version of the print magazine and also online.


Spokes Woman_Print Screenshot


The Heights of Fashion_Print Screenshot


Anna Kendrik Print



Greeting Cards

Strawberry Santa Claus


Inside: “Cake isn’t the only thing that’s fruity this Christmas.”



Banana Card


Inside: “I find you a-peeling.”



Unpublished Submissions for New Yorker Cartoon Captions










New Yorker Caption_Man Upstairs



Want More?

Samples of my lyric writing for songs can be found HERE and if you’re curious what else I’m up to, click HERE. I wrote the copy for my Twitter page. And my TV writing credits are available upon request.

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